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Back-to-school: WKOW/Ch. 27 speaks with UW-Madison’s Nathan about effective study tips

September 09, 2019

Madison’s local ABC affiliate, WKOW/Ch. 27, featured the expertise of UW-Madison’s Mitchell Nathan for a back-to-school report examining the most effective ways for kids to study and learn.

Nathan is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement professor of the learning sciences with the School of Education’s highly regarded Department of Educational Psychology

Mitch Nathan appears on WKOW“Finding and identifying the key study strategies that work for you will give you more bang for your buck,” Nathan tells WKOW/Ch. 27. He suggests active learning strategies, like game-based learning or making flashcards. Nathan explains that these strategies work because they emphasize self-testing, which facilitates the most learning and can be the difference between an A and a B student.

Nathan also encourages students employing these strategies to be honest with themselves while studying, as they’re more likely to retain and understand the material when they do so. 

On the other hand, Nathan recommends staying away from studying activities like highlighting and underlining notes. He tells WKOW/Ch. 27 that this type of studying is time consuming, with few benefits.  

Check out the WKOW/Ch. 27 report here

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